Non-Profit The Dream Conduit Launches
to Support Artists Onboarding to NFTs

Wilmington, Delaware – Launched on September 28, The Dream Conduit Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to enabling creatives of any craft to succeed while acting as an onramp for those creatives to enter the NFT space and access the opportunities it provides. The Dream Conduit is a carbon-neutral decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that has completed its 501(c)3 legal filing with the IRS and is awaiting approval.* The organization focuses on uplifting and enabling creatives of every craft to access opportunities and make their creativity their careers. It is positioned to do this by being the first and only 501(c)3 non-profit that can be a DAO, based in Delaware.  

The DAO’s structure is set up to facilitate supporting creatives internally and externally, through Conduits and Partnerships. We do this by leveraging our non-profit status to facilitate funds to validated groups that take up our cause, which creates opportunities for creatives and incentivizes others to do the same.  

There are three divisions under The Dream Conduit that are called Conduits, and each one is focused on helping creatives with a mission-oriented approach. The funding for this support is provided by the DAO at no cost to the artist. Every week our Conduits provide a stream of information and onboarding to creatives with weekly programs that establish a firm foundation for all. Every week we recognize graduates of our program, Dreamers as we call them, with NFT certificates.

The three Conduits are:
the Coaching Conduit led by Dr. Lemny Perez, which will foster a loving community and provide a support system to creatives throughout the creative process;
the Narrative Conduit led by David Koroma, which will help creatives with the English around their art including descriptions, storytelling, and titles.
and the Curation Conduit led by Lianna Adams, which will provide specific content strategies for individual artists based on their bodies of work and style.

Externally, the DAO offers partnerships to any company, campaign, or initiative that takes up the cause of enabling creatives to access opportunities and understand the NFT marketplace. The Dream Conduit can leverage its ability to accept tax deductible donations to cover the costs of joint programs. These partners will also be listed on their website alongside sponsors and supporters.

The DAO’s main fundraising approach will rely on an innovative NFT strategy. Every donation made above $25 through fiat or crypto is recognized with a free NFT that grants the donor access to The Dream Conduit’s community and a special “Giving Game” to unlock rewards.

“We are so committed to the DAO structure that we removed the “Founder” role from our non-profit. The Founder role comes with veto power over everything the organization does and therefore conflicts with the decentralized governance we envision. This has been removed from The Dream Conduit’s bylaws, enabling us to become entirely decentralized,” says co-founder Rami Al-Sabeq.

“We are the only initiative that combines the legal structure of a non-profit with complete decentralization, all with the purpose of helping creatives succeed,” says co-founder Sleiman Nasr.

The Conduits will begin operating, offering support and value to creatives and begin having the impact we intend to. This includes Clubhouse rooms, Twitter Spaces, and Discord live-streams initially, with the services growing as we scale. Donations will be accepted, and donations made to US 501(c)3’s are rewarded with globally recognized tax deductions, pending approval from the IRS.

* Donations will be accepted in fiat, crypto, and even as NFTs and services. All crypto and fiat donations received will enable us to implement our NFT strategy and will be recognized with NFTs when it launches. Other benefits will also be offered to early supporters. We welcome you to join us in establishing a loving community for our Dreamers on Clubhouse, Twitter, and Discord.

*The Dream Conduit’s application for 501(c)3 status has been submitted to the IRS and is pending approval. Once approval is received, all donations will be tax deductible retroactively starting September 29th.

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Make your Creativity your Career

The Dream Conduit is the first-of-its kind carbon-neutral, non-profit DAO that
enables creatives of every craft to make their creativity their careers.