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The Dream Conduit offers about 10 cost-free classes and forums every week that educate the community on everything from crypto to NFT strategy to mental health and how to make art. The schedule for these classes is updated on a monthly basis so you can pre-plan to join the classes.
The Cultural Conduit
led by Vero Dalla and Ibro
The Dream Conduit is opening its access to the rest of the world.
We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Cultural Conduit, led by Vero and Ibro. Through this new Conduit, we will provide time, discussions, and education in different languages than English. We will continue to onboard creatives worldwide in the fascinating but challenging Web3 space, NFT world, AR/VR, and much more.First, we are opening the French Cultural Conduit and giving access to more than 29 countries to our content. We are really excited about this new step. We are starting with a weekly room in Clubhouse, and we will give you more details soon.
To our francophone community, don't hesitate to communicate with us on Discord; we will be happy to reply to you in French.

The Dream Conduit déploie son accès au reste du monde.
Nous sommes ravis d'annoncer l'ouverture de The Cultural Conduit, le pôle culture dirigé par Vero and Ibro. Grâce à ce nouveau pôle, nous fournirons du temps, des discussions et une éducation dans des langues différentes que l'anglais. Nous continuerons à intégrer les créatifs du monde entier dans l'espace fascinant mais stimulant du Web 3, des NFT, AR/VR, et bien plus encore.Tout d'abord, nous ouvrons le pôle culturel français et donnons accès à plus de 29 pays à notre contenu. Nous sommes vraiment ravis de cette nouvelle étape. Nous commençons avec une room hebdomadaire sur Clubhouse, et nous vous donnerons plus de détails prochainement.
À notre communauté francophone, n'hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous Discord; nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous répondre en français.
Lianna team image
The Curation Conduit
led by Lianna Adams
The Curation Conduit, led by Lianna Adams, offers specific content strategies for individual artists based on their particular styles and bodies of work. The Curation Conduit works hands on with creatives to bring conceptualised perspectives, and identify opportunities to develop a clear, individualized path in their NFT journey.

As a multidisciplinary artist herself, Lianna Adams expresses through a variety of mediums—acrylic paints, textiles, prints, and photography eventually leading her to curate collections for large auction houses and NGOs. Throughout her extensive career spanning multiple industries over the last 20 years, she connects the dots to better serve humanity and the environment in what she does to empower and inspire people to leave a lasting, positive impact across physical and digital worlds.

Today, Lianna invests her time raising awareness and building programs for causes she cares deeply about, advising social impact businesses, catalysing change and bringing new perspectives to the creator economy and growth in the ecosystem for a sustainable future.
David team image
The Narrative Conduit
led by David Koroma
The Narrative Conduit led by David Koroma commits to helping artists remove the literary barrier to marketing and selling their NFTs by helping them refine their descriptions and share their stories in a powerful way. Let the The Narrative Conduit help you tell the story behind your art. A well-written, clearly thought out and detailed approach to your messaging will make all the difference.

David Koroma is a communications professional with over 10 years of experience ranging from political campaigns to corporate communications, but his passion for gaming and technology led him to venture into the Metaverse. While David is very familiar with the digital escape offered by VR and video games, he says the new Metaverse with Web3 blockchain functionality is offering users a new level of ownership and earning power that has never been seen in the gaming space.
Low Sleazy team image
The Sovereignty Conduit
led by Low Sleazy
The Sovereignty Conduit led by Low Sleazy focuses on empowering people and exposing them to the concepts of freedom, sovereignty, and the individual responsibilities to acquire them.

Low Sleazy Aka Low Life recording artist, serial entrepreneur, NFT Consultant, Metaverse Land Developer, and Web3 community facilitator. Founder of the Blockchain Gospel and the StorytimeDAO. Sovereignty Conduit lead at The Dream Conduit and onboarding specialist at NFTs.tips.

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